Friday, June 23, 2006

Paris - June 2006

The summer of 2003 was the hottest ever in Europe. 15,000 people, mostly elderly, died in France from heat. Unfortunately, most homes and retirement homes in France are not equipped with air conditioning. In the aftermath, the government decreed that each retirement home should have at least one "cool room" where the inmates could repair to in case of dangerously high temperatures.

Of course, this represents a level of investment beyond most retirement home owners.

An alternative solution would be to use the viewing booths in sex shops. They are ubiquitous. They are to be found in each small town. They are all air conditioned. And they are largely under-utilized in the summer months.

During searing heat, an evacuation programme could be established whereby the elderly would be transported and temporarily installed in sex shop viewing booths.

An excellent solution that has the added advantage of including entertainment activities that would promote a positive attitude.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Dusseldorf - April 2006

The bas relief of the Dusseldorfer money shitter emphasizes the relationship between health and a good shit. Being in good health means the avoidance of an impecunious life.

The manager of the bretzel and beer kiosk on whose wall this bas relief exists also pointed out that the sculpture equally functions as a reminder that he will not give change for the pay-toilets across the alley without a purchase of either comestibles or a beverage.